FC HAKA j C14 YJ1 Pre-season camp in Tallinn, Estonia

Jaa tämä juttu!

Our C14 YJ1 had a pre-season training camp in Estonia, Tallinn in the weekend 20-22 of March. The camp was organized together with FC FLORA.

On Friday 20th bus left Valkeakoski with 15 players. Warm sunny week started to cool down as altogether 20 persons campaign started. Till the very last minute it was unsure, if flu-wave might cut out some of the players. Fortunately all the guys manage to recover and climb in the bus and trip was ready to start.

The program was carefully planned, tight and tuff. Friday evening training, on Saturday two games against FC FLORA and FC LEVANDIA and on Sunday one game again FC FLORA. We knew FC FLORA was a tough opponent as they had won recently U-2001 Baltic Football Academy Winter CUP in February.

The first game day. FC FLORA was good. FC HAKA was very nervous. Till the half time game was very even but FC HAKA couldn’t score when it had the chance. Not completely unfamiliar story. The final result was 4-0.

In the afternoon FC LEVANDIA was hosting us. Some players started to show signs of fatigue due to recent flu, but FC HAKA manage to get the lead in first half. In the second half FC LEVANDIA used wisely the vast player resources and turned the game finally to 4-1 for the home team.

On Sunday FC HAKA was facing FC FLORA for a second time. And shyness was away as FC HAKA took the lead. In the second half the long tournament started take its toll and FC FLORA went to a 3-1 victory.

After the games well-earned free time was waiting and shopping healed whatever wounds players had suffered. Late in the Sunday evening tired but satisfied FC HAKA turned into Sahara parking lot. Richer in memories and more consolidated as team.

Great many thanks to FC FLORA coach Dmitri “Dima” Ustritski and Eero Tagapere, who personally took care or organization hosting in Tallinn. Thanks to FC LEVANDIA and it’s coach as well.  Looking forward to see you in Tournament here in Valkeakoski 4-6 of September.  Also our gratitude for the Hämeen Turistiauto for safe driving and unbelievable bus handling in Tallinn streets.

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U-2001 FC FLORA-FC HAKA j 2015 03 22 A Le Coq Arena
U-2001 FC FLORA-FC HAKA j 2015 03 22 A Le Coq Arena
A Le Coq Arena
A Le Coq Arena